Simply Me


Dear Reader,

I am a complex, emotional, stubborn, unique person. Aren’t we all? But I know that this description doesn’t really tell you a lot about who I am, so in the words of Inigo Montoya, “Let me sum up.”

I am fascinated with the world around me. I read a lot. I write a little. I try to make sense of my life as I live out my existence (currently living abroad and it’s AMAZING). I’m completely obsessed with really good bad movies and cheesy romance novels.

I harbor a torch for Prince Charmont from Ella Enchanted because he was my first real fictional crush. There’s a special place in my heart for a boy out there in the world named Daniel/Danny because he was my first boyfriend/sloppy kiss in kindergarten.

I have itchy feet because I moved every two-three years as a kid. I blame the military, although I use the term ‘blame’ loosely. I’m grateful I don’t feel anchored to one place. There’s so much of the world to see, I’m baffled by those that want to stay still forever. That’s why I’m currently living in Shanghai, China. And it’s been a crazy wonderful experience.

I feel lost, confused, and depressed about 49% of the time. This feeling is often amplified by the cultural differences all around me.

I love Jesus and books. In that order. I love stories. I write about books and life. Occasionally I write about movies. And that’s it.

I hope you enjoy yourself as you wander around. And come back, magnificent person. I love visitors.



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