Bullet Journal Bliss

About a week ago I took the plunge and started my bullet journal. I am completely in love. And freakishly more productive. When I write down what I need to do, I actually get it done.

There are millions of articles about bullet journaling, so if you want to know more you can start here and then go onto Pinterest or Instagram. There are so many beautiful examples of bullet journaling out there, and you can get lost in it.

I’ve been researching it for a while and was a little afraid, primarily because it requires a lot of planning. You have to pick a notebook and pens and figure out a key. It seems daunting. But I just decided to start and figure it out as I go. And that’s what I did. I wanted to show you what I’ve done with my bullet journal and how I’ve customized it for me. I will note here that I’ve been doing this for SEVEN DAYS. I’m not an expert; I’m not even sure I’ll stick with this. But for right now, I’m loving it.


Being an office supply addict, I had everything I needed except the journal, so I got that on Taobao, and yes it was expensive for a notebook in China. But I don’t regret it. It was worth every penny (or jiao, as it were). I got a Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted edition. Because dots are better. Then I gathered the pens, pencils, and rulers I already had and raided Pinterest for ideas to make it look pretty because I’m not a minimalist.

The first few pages of a BuJo are supposed to be the index, but this journal already had an index built in, which is partially why I got it. I don’t have the inclination or time to section off several pages as an index. That’s crazy talk.


The future log is only supposed to be six months, but I was having too much fun and just did the whole year. I found that layout on Pinterest and, because they were my first couple pages, followed it exactly. I’m getting a little more creative now. Then I made my monthly layout. This is the original month layout because I couldn’t figure how to do what I wanted. I think I have the idea for what I want now, and we’ll see if it works for me. This was a little limited for what I needed. Because I don’t set up my dailies ahead of time (I do them the night before), I have to write future appointments and what not here for now, until I can figure out a weekly layout, that shows me the whole week in one go, that I don’t hate. The one thing I knew I wanted was a habits tracker, to figure out how often I do stuff. Since I’ve only been doing this a week, there isn’t a whole lot on there, but clearly I’m not winning at writing right now. (#rainafail) Also, I added those squiggles and hate them. Notes for next month…


I’ve been trying different headers for my daily log. I like the big banners and arrows the best. I’m not showing you this week’s because it’s simple and I already know I don’t like it. I started by tracking my water and food on each day, but decided I didn’t like that and wanted it all in one space. I also haven’t decided on a key yet, so there are lots of different ways of marking tasks. Also, I started noted things that happened each day, because I wanted to have little memories throughout. And, yes, that is a giant butterfly sticker. ❤



This week was my first attempt at a weekly layout and after trolling Pinterest, I just decided to combine different ideas that I liked. So I have weekly goals, a food tracker, water tracker, and sleep tracker. And a month-at-a-glance. Essentially I use that to show me how far off payday is. 🙂


So this is the meat in between the scheduling. You can turn anything into a collection. I have doodle pages, lists of books I need to read, menu planning, writing corrections for work, a gratitude log, a cleaning list for this past weekend, songs I love, and one that isn’t pictured: a #daily gratitude page for a couple of days where I was really struggling and needed minute-by-minute reminders of happiness. I also have a prayer page from last week at Rhema Reign.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this. It incorporates the lettering skills I’ve been practicing and productivity I’ve been striving for. I’ve learned things about myself, like my joy in life is coloring in little boxes. Who knew? Once I realized that, I set up my wrcs (writing corrections) page so I can color a box in every five wrcs I get done. It’s freakishly motivating.

I hope that this helps you on your organizational journey. If you have questions, let me know! I’ll write another update when I’ve been at it for a while.

And shoutout to my momma who gave me the almighty Yoobi pen of many colors. Thanks Mom!


Flavor of the Week

FLAVOR OF THE I decided to create my own meme, because that’s a sure-fire way to get me to post once a week right? (HAH) But for serious, I’ve wanted to do this for a bit, so I’m just going to. The idea is I pick one book, song, movie, and ice cream flavor that I love for the week. It is to be posted on Saturdays. Occasionally, I will also post recipes for delicious meals or desserts. Ta-DA! Book of the Week: Dracula by Bram Stoker. I’m listening to the full-cast Audible version and I’m blown away. Before you look at me in horror (ha! get it?), no I haven’t read it before. I was never really into horror, but I decided that I want vampires to scare me, so I got it a while ago. It’s on my summer reading list as well. I’m over halfway through and I’m excited to finish! Although I’ve discovered that listening to it pre-bed is a bad idea. It’s supa creepy.

Katherine Kellgren is in it too! 😀

Song of the Week: I know I’m behind the times, but Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato is my song of the move. It’s catchy and emotional and I can scream and let out a lot of frustration in a legitimate way, because it’s just that kind of song.

TV Show of the Week: I haven’t watched many movies this week, but Arrow has been on almost every day. I’m boning up for the Flash show which will grace our screens come October. Barry Allen is my favorite. No joke. I love that he appears in the second season of Arrow! Anyway, the Green Arrow adaptation is a little dramatic and serious (I always the Green Arrow was a comical man. He made the quips and was funny), but I like it most of the time. I find it amusing that all the internet ships Oliver and Felicity (#Olicity!). She’s definitely my favorite character.

Flavor of the Week: Finally! The ice cream flavor of the week is Caramelized Banana Chip Gelato by Häagen Dazs. There are too many chocolate chips in this, but other than that it’s the perfect banana ice cream.

Nom, nom, nom.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Warning: Cliche post-graduation topics may occur in near future

My friend Jenna just wrote a post that pretty much sums up post-college life and feelings. So I’m reblogging it.

Jenna Kristine

“I graduated 365-something days ago;
Twelve months ago, I walked across the Moody church stage;
One year ago, I finished my last finals.”

Sound familiar? Yes, every single person I graduated with is probably saying versions of these things right about now, just as the 2012 graduates did last year and this year’s graduates will do a year from now.

Then you add one more line to the graduation nostalgia:

“This first year out, it’s hard.”

It’s rendered near cliche when you’re in this age group (or listening to this age group), isn’t it? And, quite honestly, it’s why I’ve had such a hard time justifying writing about some of the things I might otherwise write about in this pie slice of twenty-somethingness: like learning to manage time when classwork isn’t a constant priority, figuring out how to cook for one, budgeting (kind of), and dealing with the deep shift in how…

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Oy with the Poodles already!

Gilmore Girls wasn’t a staple in my life until I started watching two girls when their mom worked nights. Jennifer was a nurse and I would come over and eat with the girls and send them to bed at an appropriate time. The brilliant thing about this was that both girls were pretty self-sufficient and they had all six seasons of Gilmore Girls. The season that shall not be named hadn’t come out yet. It was my first time watching GG and it illuminated my life. Lorelei and Rory introduced me to Casablanca and Toblerone (which I actually don’t like too much, but it was an experience). I fell in love with Dean, Max, Jason, Logan and wished that Jess would just look at me once. I cried with them and laughed with them and felt all the spectrum of emotions. Recently, I’ve been reliving that experience a little. I started with Season 4 and moved on from there. Rory’s dedication to writing and journalism inspired me to write a review of all seven seasons of this delightful show, one season at a time.


Lorelei Gilmore is a single mom trying to raise her daughter Rory the best she knows how. Everything has been going swimmingly until Rory gets accepted to an elite private school and Lorelei doesn’t have the money to pay, forcing her to go ask her parents, from whom she’d been estranged for 20 years (or something similar to that). Emily and Richard Gilmore lend her the money on the condition that she and Rory attend dinner at their house every Friday night until Rory graduates. And thus the story unfolds.

I got to say, this season is potentially my least favorite. It feels too slow an introduction, but I guess that’s to be expected of a small town like Stars Hollow. I so wish this town existed. With the town meetings and the one diner and the cute gazebo. I’d go there all the time (However, being a city girl, I’m not sure I could live there). Lorelei and Rory are completely lovable right off and are the reason you stick with the show. Meeting Luke, the grumpy cat diner owner, was one of the best parts. He’s fantastic throughout the show until season 6, but more on that later.

The whip-fast dialogue is marvelous and is one of the reasons the show is so popular. Lorelei and Rory’s relationship is the other. It’s not necessarily a model for all mother-daughter relationships, but it’s entertaining and full of love, laughter, and often tears. Their dating lives are full of intrigue and specialness too. The first episode Rory meets Dean, who looks totally BA, but is actually a teddy bear. And Lorelei meets Rory’s English teacher, Max Medina, who is played by Scott Cohen, one of my personal favorites. They have…ups and downs.

I don’t really like Dean; I never have. He’s too needy. He does have one thing going for him. Dean is one of the few “Gilmore” men that understands their relationship and how to interact within that. The other two are Christopher and Luke. None of Rory’s other boys seem to get it, but Dean knows and it’s nice that he is loved by Lorelei as well as Rory. Max is my second favorite choice for Lorelei. He understands her and loves her just the way she is and it’s a beautiful thing.

Various people show up as reaccuring characters. Christopher, Rory’s dad, shows up. He and Lorelei have an on-again-off-again relationship of sorts. They flirt and have fun, but Chris is too unpredictable for Lorelei to rely on. Luke’s old flame, Rachel, shows up, but leaves by the end of the season. Chad Michael Murray also pops in sporadically as another option for Rory, but she is with Dean for the duration. At the end of Season 1, Max proposes and Lorelei says yes. Rory and Dean say “I love you” after rocky bits in the middle and Luke is left alone, with his repressed feelings.

Honorable mention to Kirk who is a universal favorite and Lane who is my favorite until season 5.


BoB Progress

It’s time to read some stuff!

Tuesday Thoughts
I didn’t do particularly well with the reading yesterday, primarily because I had so many other things to do. However, today is an unexpected day off. WHOO! So I’ve already finished a book.

Book Progress: I read half of One Week Budget and I listened to about 30 minutes of The Pixar Touch. I also started Outlander, but that was it. I haven’t gone much beyond that to be honest.
Books Read: NONE. Yet.

Book Progress: HA! I finished One Day! That wasn’t exactly my intent, but I have the day off and it just sort of happened. I cried a little. I’ve seen the movie, so I knew it was sad, but it hurt my heart all the same.
Books Read: ONE! One Day. I’m happy about that.

Book Progress: I read over 100 pages of Outlander.
Books Read: Still at one.

Book Progress: I’m almost halfway through Outlander and 25% through Sense and Sensibility.
Books Read: Still at one.

Book Progress: I FINISHED OUTLANDER! WHAT?! Be excited with me. The review is up; check it out.
Books Read: TWO! HA! Outlander and One Day.

Book Progress:
Books Read:

Book Progress:
Books Read:

Fall Reading 2013


It’s that time of year again…the time that I make impossible goals and attempt to reach them! WHOO!

So…fall reading. Last year, I called it Fail Reading because I read a total of two out of over ten books. I will not be repeating that misadventure. This year, I’m scaling down quite a bit. I’ve found that with NaNo in November, reading isn’t gonna be a top priority. And I’m slowly becoming okay with that. SO with that in mind, I’m going with one book a month. Three books, with an optional fourth to read from September through November. AND THEY ARE!

  • Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Meyers. This has been on my list for over a YEAR. If I don’t read it, I will lose all self-respect.
  • A Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. See above reason. Also, I WANT to finish it. I think I’ll have a lot to say when I do.
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I’ve been chipping away at this, but I’d like to have it finished by the end of the year.
  • OPTIONAL: Quiet by Susan Cain. I’d really like to finish this during the fall, but we’ll see.

So I’d like to finish those four books. Will it happen? Hopefully, but we’ll see.

Any particular books you plan to read this autumn season? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!

Oh Bartleby! Oh humanity!

These are the last words of Herman Melville’s short story, Bartleby the Scrivener, and consequently, my favorite in the story.

It is about a lawyer and the scrivener he hires because he needs an extra pair of hands. He already has three people in his employ: a fat man, a rat-like man, and a young errand boy. The two men are scriveners, those who write and draw up legal documents. Bartleby comes along and initially does all the work requested of him, until he is required to submit his work to one of the other two fellows for editing. He refuses to do so. The exact line of the book is, “I would prefer not to.” This is all he says whenever he doesn’t want to do something. His employer allows it and slowly Bartleby gets worse. He lives in the office and refuses to leave; he doesn’t do what the lawyer pays him to do. In the end the lawyer vacates the office to escape Bartleby. A few weeks after he has left he hears of Bartleby’s demise in the building.

This story captivated me, merely because Bartleby kept getting worse and his behavior was allowed! The lawyer was so sympathetic to what he imagined Bartleby’s plight might be that he let Bartleby do whatever he wanted. I don’t think I would have allowed such acting out in an office of my own.

It was a very interesting tale, and I’d encourage you to read it, should you get the chance. It’s fairly short.

What I’m Reading

I’ve decided to at least attempt to update once a week, on Saturday, to let you all know what I’m reading and what I think. So here goes…

  • The History of the World In Six Glasses by Tom Standish

I’m loving this book. The six glasses are Beer, Wine, Spirits, Coffee, Tea, and Cola. I’m only on wine, but what I’ve already learned! I’m listening to this via Audible and the narrator is fantastic. I’m obviously not done yet, but I’d encourage you to go get it. I love it.

  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

I’m not very far into this either, but I’m really enjoying it. I tried to read it in high school, but swiftly got bored. Now, though, I find that Tolstoy style and the language is just beautiful and the transitions from character to character is seamless.

  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Harold grabs at your heart and doesn’t let go easily. I started this book last fall, but I’m determined to finish it before I go to Chicago in May. When you find a book like this, you can’t help but give it to everyone you know so that they’ll enjoy it too. I can’t wait to finish so I can put in the hands of someone who will love it.

  • The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer

I am learning so much through this book. It’s a good review of a lot of the theology I learned at Moody with a sprinkling of the new. It keeps my mind engaged and makes me think. So I’m liking it. I’ll be able to make a more rounded review when I’ve finished, I think. Unlike the other three books on this list, I can’t pass judgement based on the first few chapters.

  • Divided Allegiance by Elizabeth Moon

This is the second book in The Deed of Paksennarian series that I’ve been listening too. Elizabeth Moon writes about the everyday dullness of a soldier’s life without making it dull. The slow pace is something that I actually enjoy and it allows me to take breaks in the listening, rather than listening to it non-stop until I finish. I enjoy books that I can actually enjoy rather than slam through. Paks is a multi-faceted, if a bit naive, and deals realistically with the troubles of being a woman in an army. It’s set in it’s own world, but there isn’t anything that is particularly unrealistic about it. My disbelief has been suspended just enough. I’m excited to finish. The first book of the series is called Sheepfarmer’s Daughter.

Yup, I’m reading five books at once. Hopefully that’ll go down a little. See you next Saturday!