My Life with My Bullet Journal

I started bullet journaling in June. In the middle of June, which was a big deal for me. I have a “I have to start at the beginning” mindset and my bullet journal has helped me with that. I posted about my start about a week in. After almost six months, I have a good grasp of what is helpful to me and what is superfluous and I wanted to share it with you. Here we go.

Monthly Pages

I have tried many different monthly layouts and this month I reverted back to the original because, surprisingly enough, it works best for me.


This was the simple layout. I have a modified version of this for November. I thought that I needed to look at a calendar version, but I was wrong.

I loved the look of this one, but I stopped using it, because it wasn’t practical for me. Too many details to add, instead of just being able to jot stuff down.

August and September’s were the same, but I hated it. I wanted it to change, but I just stuck with it. In October, I kept the rapid log, but chucked the giant calendar. I also added tasks and goals to do. However, it continued to not work for me.


And this is how I ended. This, the simple layout. I colored my weekends and have a small calendar on the opposite page. I think it just needed to be made beautiful and themed. (November is a Nano theme…)

Weekly Pages

I started these at the end of June and ended up using weeklies instead of dailies for months. This continues to work for me, so it’s what I’ve stuck with, but the layout changes nearly month-by-month. I like trying out different things and Pinterest is a constant inspiration to me.


This was my first weekly page. I actually liked it a lot, but I needed more space and I ended up putting some of this into my habits tracker.


I really like September’s with the task, thoughts, and quote section. August was without an inspirational. In October, the entire opposite page was a quote, so that was fun. I’m really enjoying November’s layout, but I have to change the days of the week side, because there’s not enough space for me to write.

Daily Pages

Okay, so I used these in the beginning, discovered they didn’t work, scrapped them, and now I’m back. These are good for days that I need planned down to the moment. The past few days have been such. I am working on my grad school app, but unless I have every moment accounted for, I have a tendency to procrastinate.

I really liked designing these, but it was hard to keep up. So I streamlined into a weekly layout.


So, this is what I’ve been doing the past couple days, to organize my time a little more. I might do this just for days when I need to get stuff done; I might end up doing this every day (doubtful, as it’s a lot of work). 

Habits Tracker

I love this. I do so many things now because of this. I make my bed. I clean. I do laundry. I read the Bible. I journal. All to color in little squares on my habits tracker. It’s wonderful.

I hated what I did with June, I couldn’t wait for July to come. As you can see, I wasn’t all that great at tracking. Honestly, it comes with practice. It’s a discipline to sit down each day and look at what you did.

I didn’t track anything in August, but in September I decided to track EVERYTHING including my moods. I continued the trend in October and found what was important and what wasn’t.


This month, I needed to keep it on one page. Two pages was overwhelming. So I only track what I viewed as important. As you can see, I’m killing it with the writing (rolls eyes heavenward, and prays for discipline to develop overnight). Also, the exercise game. Sigh. Every day is a new one.


I’ve tried a variety of collections, but none of them really stick. I am just not the sort to go back and fill out a page that I’ve passed after about a week.

Here are two failed ideas. I can’t keep a gratitude log. I tried. And I can’t have a quotes page. That being said, I do have quite a few quotes in my bullet journal, I just dress them up and allow them to inspire me that way. Or I write them on the days I find them. I can keep them all in one place.

Aren’t they pretty?

I tried different menu planning options. I actually love the right one. I would do that every week if I had the time and patience. But I don’t. The one on the left was supposed to be a reusable one, but I never used it.


This is what I do now. I know all the recipes for these and if I need ingredients I make a list on a sticky note.


I make lists like these ALL OF THE TIME. This took a lot of time and forethought; it took me about a month and a half to write.

Here are some more. I’m ashamed of that moon, but it is what it is.

Ultimately, I’ve found that it does help my productivity. I have to keep it pretty though. I don’t like to do it if the pages are ugly. I have torn out maybe a fifth of the pages of this journal because I didn’t like my design. I finally got my hands on some Staedtler pens, but I gotta say, Frixion pens are THE BOMB. Because they are erasable. Like a pencil. There’s actually a whole line; they have highlighters and markers too. That erase. I fully intend on buying ALL the Frixion things. They are good for writing and designing (not so good for coloring in though…note that).

Do you bullet journal? What works for you?


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