{Octoberfest is my blog event in which I attempt to write every day during the month of October as a pre-cursor to Nanowrimo in November. Welcome to the insanity.}

Rituals are so important to my life right now. Everyone knows the importance of having a morning routine. It helps start your day off right and sets the tone for your day. It also ensures that important things get done. Like putting on deodorant. That is SO important.

My morning routine goes like this:

  • Wake up and hit snooze.
  • Hit snooze again.
  • Okay fine, I’ll get up.
  • Go to the restroom and since I’m there, I guess I’ll wash my face and brush my teeth. And moisturize. Since it’s all there on the counter, waiting for me. Might as well floss.
  • Go back to my room and drink half a liter of water.
  • Put on clothes.
  • Put on deodorant.
  • Spray myself with Georgia Peach Tea stuff from Bath and Body Works and accessorize.
  • Maybe put on makeup. If I’m feeling it.

Lately I’ve been enjoying my natural face without any makeup. So that hasn’t been part of my mornings. It seems simple. I don’t journal (I’ll do that when I get to work). I don’t exercise (because I’m lazy and that would require to me wake up even earlier). I do have sacred space mornings where I get up WAY early and spend time with Jesus with a cuppa tea. But for the most part, this is my morning. If I forget one thing, like setting the deodorant on my vanity the night before, I might not remember to put it on in the morning. I’ve experienced this a few times (which led me to leaving extra good smelling stuff at my desk at work) and it’s no fun. That means that your evening routine is equally as important.

Self-care (taking care of my body and soul) has become a super important part of my routine since living in China. It’s my time to nurture and relax in a world that still seems so foreign to me. And that’s what I do at night.

My evening routine:

  • Shower time!
  • Brush my teeth.
  • Moisture mask on my face (I might do a Korean face mask prior to moisturizing).
  • Lotion time!
  • Hair time. That is, putting product in my hair and braiding it before bed.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Read for a bit.
  • Sleep!!!

As I go through and do certain things I get ready for the next morning.

These rituals are a part of my life. They make sure that I have productive days. And my bullet journal is a part of that ritual too. I love it so much. Seriously, I wouldn’t function properly without it.

What do you do?


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