{Octoberfest is my blog event in which I attempt to write every day during the month of October as a pre-cursor to Nanowrimo in November. Welcome to the insanity.}

I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere as transitory as Shanghai. Living on military bases was always a challenge because people were coming and going, but family was constant. My dad used to say “Your sister is your best friend” which wasn’t always true, but my sisters were always there. My parents were always there. And my grandmothers visited at least once a year. I saw the same people throughout various seasons.

In this place, nothing is constant. There is a constant cycle of people coming and going. People who have been here for 6 years are leaving. A couple of people are cycling in and out for a couple months at a time. College students come and go. At work, at community group, at my apartment. There is no stillness, no support, no core people that are just there. Everyone leaves.

It’s not bad. It’s normal. Cycles are a part of life, expected even. Seasons cycle, changing the environment, the mood, the clothes we wear. People enter new cycles, new relationships, new stages of life. Weddings, marriages, babies, growth, death. It’s all turning, all moving. But here, in Shanghai, it seems to happen at warp speed.

One second you have the perfect family away from family. The next everyone’s leaving. Soon, I think I will too. I’m ready for whatever’s next and to jump out of this hamster wheel into one that moves a little slower. Onward and upward!


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