My June

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Primarily because I’ve been a little busy. And I was sick. But here’s a roundup of my month thus far:

  • I’m a blog addict again. I have a list of blogs I visit every other day and I’m obsessed. I’ll compile a list and make a post about them later in the month.
  • I’m a bullet journal person now. I started yesterday, so maybe this is a bit premature, but essentially I’m making my own planner and it’s WONDERFUL. I’ll write a post on this too. Probably later today.
  • I’ve only finished one book this month. It’s weird. I’m working my way through quick-read #2. I have four audiobooks from Overdrive (GOD BLESS OVERDRIVE). They are part of the A Year of Weddings series. I liked A January Bride. It was cute. An author I know, Beth Vogt, wrote the November one, and I’m excited to read it. I enjoy her books a lot.
  • I had the flu and it made me realize I love my work. I hated not being productive. Even reading or writing blog posts is productivity for me. If I read 4 books in a weekend, it was a productive weekend. Even if they were easy books to read. When I was sick, I couldn’t really do anything. I had a fierce headache. I couldn’t read or watch movies. It was miserable. I spent my time listening to audiobooks and wishing I could die a little. But I hated doing nothing. It’s a new feeling for me.
  • I am obsessed with lettering. You’ll see some when I post pics of my new bullet journal. But I’ve joined Skillshare so I can get even better. I need to get a couple sketchbooks so I can indulge a little more. And more pens. Like calligraphy pens. I’m in love. I hope I never stop being this creative, because it pulls me in a million directions and I write more.
  • I’ve been working on Raina. It’s not great, but it’s good. As I go through the second draft, I thrust bits toward different people and demand that they read and give me a REAL opinion. And they do. I think it’s going to become really good. I’m hopeful.
  • God is always moving, always working, always loving. I’m showered by grace and beauty and love every day. Even when I feel alone and in despair, it shines through. It’s so good.

And that’s June so far. Yay.


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