What I Learned in May

I’ve never done one of these, but I always read them on Emily Freeman’s blog and this month I have learned a lot. So I’m throwing my hat in.

What I Learned in May

1. I love my family, but I don’t miss home. Sometimes I miss my family so much it physically hurts (today was one of those days), but after going to the USA for a week, I realized I don’t have roots and right now, that’s okay. I don’t miss the US like I thought I would and I have a very different worldview. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my family like crazy and it doesn’t mean I’ll never go back. It means that I’m in a state of floating and it’s good.


This is Brianna in a shark onesie. This was me today. I was pretending to be Brianna who was pretending to be a shark in this picture.

2. Best friends don’t stay that way. My expectations of people have always been super high, but starting in the beginning of May, I realized I don’t have a healthy idea of what friendship is. People who were your besties won’t remain that way forever. Sometimes you’ll leave and find your way back to each other. Sometimes you don’t talk to someone for years, but when you finally do, you realize you’ve been best friends all along. Friendship status is forever fluctuating but the love remains. Always.

3. Creativity is my jam. In the past two or three days, I’ve offered all sorts of creative ideas at work. And I’m crazy good at it. I write during my office hours in the afternoon and do my office work when I go in early in the morning. Because I don’t want to waste time. Today I lettered a welcome board for our new people. I had so much fun. And Jen and I came up with an awesome idea for our teams to explore and enjoy some creativity. So go us. I’m genuinely excited for the upcoming months at my job.


4. Bitten wasn’t that good. This was an important lesson for me. After binging the third season on Netflix, I was just really sad. I’m changing, because I didn’t even enjoy the badness that much. But I’ll always miss it. And I’ll re-watch the first season again, because I love it so much.


5. Not all bad movies are good bad movies. I’m looking at you, In the Name of the King. It was the worst movie I’ve ever seen and not in a good way.

6. The Bible is not just communicating. It’s wooing. The Listening Life is tearing up my life. I’m learning so much and applying it. One thing that I’m learning is that the Bible isn’t just a manual. It’s not dry. It’s alive. It’s whispering poetry in my ear. It’s telling me stories and luring me in. The Word woos. Which is insanely awesome, in the old school ‘I’m in awe’ way. I mean, I’ve been genuinely spiritually attacked this week. I know, that’s not something you really want to be excited about (especially when you gave in to terror and temptation). However, it kind of means I’m growing. And that gets me excited. I want to listen. I want to be like Jesus. I want to change. I know that I’m moving forward, and I can see where I’m different even from a few months ago. My time reading…er…listening (because when you read and absorb, you’re listening to God’s words) is a huge factor in that.


God has been so gracious with me this past month. I see how much He showed me and I’m so grateful to be moving forward. I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do come August. But I know that whatever happens, I’m on a path toward perfection, toward beauty, and toward the One who chases me and woos me and genuinely loves me. I’m running, pursued by the Hound of Heaven. So thanks, May, for teaching me all these things.


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