There’s a song I’m in love with. It’s called Pretty Lies by VERIDIA (feat. Matty Mullins, of Memphis May Fire). I can’t link the Youtube video because I’m in China. Sorry. But go look it up and listen. I’ve been listening to it for months and the truths in that song married with a lot of the Scripture I’ve been reading are showing me a lot of things. Vague, I know. Let me flush it out.

This morning I read the beginning of Psalm 69. In this Psalm David is being accused of something he didn’t do. Instead of calling himself blameless (as he does in other psalms), he admits to doing other things wrong and reflects on how his sin brings the people of God a bad name. I began my journal entry on this with “I am not perfect.” And it came to me.

So much of culture: music, movies, books, encourage us to look at imperfections in a beautiful light. Our beauty is in our flaws. We’re beautiful because we’re doomed. We should celebrate our quirks because they make us unique. But that’s not what Scripture says. The source of all beauty is Jesus. He is perfect. Beauty is in perfection, not in our imperfections.

This isn’t new ground. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been written in some profound book or by some famous theologian. But thinking about it and allowing it to soak in, I saw how culture has affected me and how I believed that lie.

“We were meant to be perfectly imperfect. Such a beautiful mess. I won’t believe these pretty pretty lies…”

Veridia’s lyrics hit something in me every time. These are the lies they want us to believe. They sneak them into everything. Because if they admit that perfection is true beauty, they admit that there’s a standard of perfection. Where is beauty to be found? In the one who sacrificed everything for us. In the one who refines our imperfections and leads us toward a perfect life.

Beauty is God.


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