The Converted of Debbie Macomber

In my teen and college days, nothing gave me more pleasure than mocking books in the romance section, particularly any that represented the cheesy historical Christian romances that littered the Christian bookstores and my old high school library. I would read the summaries and chuckle, able to cobble together the plot line from the merest trickle of information. Debbie Macomber was amongst those that were mocked, though not a favorite. Her books seemed boring and hum-drum. I never read one.

Until I did. It was an audiobook called Silver Linings and it was about a high school reunion. The premise caught me. My 10 year reunion is only a few years off and isn’t it every high school girl’s dream to be reunited with your high school sweetheart? (I didn’t have one, but I live in a bright world of my own making…)

I must admit, I wasn’t entirely wrong. The corniness factor is one that can’t be ignored. The instant attraction that could lead to marriage…does that actually happen? I’m not sure, but it does in Ms. Macomber’s world and I like it. My romantic heart enjoys her small town books. And I’m able to multi-task while I listen because they can be a bit slow so I can work or run or just lie down and be calm as the story plods along.

So, I’m sorry Ms. Macomber, for mocking you all those years. You’ve actually given me something peaceful to listen to that entertains and soothes during a tumultuous time in my life. It’s taught me something else. Sometimes books don’t fit you or your time of life. I’ll still mock, but I’ll probably keep it to myself.

On with the story.


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