Here’s what I learned clearing out my email inbox:

  1. That I wasn’t a slacker when it came to applying for jobs in the years 2013-2014. I deleted HUNDREDS of confirmation emails from places, confirming that they received my application. I feel like I probably didn’t pursue many of them as hardcore as I should have, but I put in a lot of effort. It’s good to know.
  2. That I emailed people with alarming regularity when I lived in King George. When I moved to Ohio, email became a thing of the past.
  3. I met some of the most awesome people ever in 2015. My Brio people meant the world to me and I have lots of emails regarding shift swaps to prove it. (I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH MARK, ELLEN, CALEB, EMMA, ETC!)
  4. I actually wrote stuff. I sent it to Colin and he read it and sent me his stuff and I read it. I miss that a lot.
  5. Emails CAN taste like passive-aggressive. I could feel it from YEARS away.
  6. The Jane Austen Kappa Kappa Book Club was a HUGE part of my life. Until it wasn’t. It simply vanished from existence. Which is alarming.
  7. Also, my community group was ON POINT with the weekly emails. Do they still do that? I don’t get them anymore if they do.
  8. 2015 was the year of the gift card for birthday presents.
  9. I have (had?) awesome friends in Ohio who were always willing to spur me on. I have great friends here in Shanghai, but it is different. And I can’t even say how, except that I feel the love through emails.
  10. Mark’s story!!! OMG YES! Colin’s story! HA! ALL THE WRITING IN PROGRESS! Wait, is that…mine? Nope. Delete that shit.
  11. The email game upped my first two months here in Shanghai and then stopped. Like completely. Whoops.
  12. I am STILL receiving The Daily from Moody. MAKE IT STOP.
  13. Oh, look. A present from Dad. He’s so thoughtful.
  14. Amazon and I have an intimate relationship. I get emails from them practically daily.
  15. Ultimately this reminded me that I don’t suck as much as I thought I did and that I spend way too much money on books. I’m a good friend. I email people. They email me. I have good relationships. I’m not quite as lazy as I thought I was (SCORE!) and yeah…I read a lot.

I’m glad to have a clean inbox. Sigh.


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