Embracing the E-book

There have been fights. Wars have been waged. I used to stand in the middle of the road. Electronic books? Or physical books? I liked both. I still do. But I’m willing to be honest. I leaned on the side of owning a physical copy. Because there are few things in life that are comparable to the smell and tactile comfort of a book.

HOWEVER. Living in Shanghai makes getting your hands on English books a little…impossible. So I’ve expanded my ebook library quite a bit since living here. And I’ve used my online library app like it’s a real library. I put things on hold. And I never have to worry about late fees. It’s beautiful. *wipes tears away*

I have to admit now, that I may have been wrong. Ebooks are becoming a way of life for me. They are easier and cheaper than real books (and yes, I’m calling them “real”; obviously I’m still biased). Sure, I miss holding books and reading them. But allow me to live with my delusions and say that ebooks don’t suck and I’m ridiculously grateful to have access to them here in the land of censorship. I still spend more in a year on books than on anything else. It’s both terrifying and comforting.

I LOVE EBOOKS. End of story.


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