Secret Garden

I saw this on Netflix and got excited for about three seconds, but when I clicked on the description, it wasn’t the childhood tale I knew and loved. It was a Korean show. Hmm…interesting. The premise looked good. A Pride and Prejudice-esque tale about a CEO and a stunt woman (The description references Cinderella, but it’s not like that AT ALL).


This scene literally took my breath away as it was their first kiss in their own bodies. (It’s a long story.)

I was drawn to it. I gave it one episode, and within an hour I was sucked in. The CEO is a jerk. He cares more about the brand of his clothes than the people around him and is a weird perfectionist. The stunt woman is crass and constantly beating on people. Both characters aren’t particularly likeable. In fact, the one character I like is stunt woman’s boss, who has an undeniable crush on his employee. So why do I keep going back to it? I’m now on episode 10 and fully intend to finish the series. But, why?


Why do I love these kinds of stories? Is it the fact that the hero becomes so obsessed with the heroine that he ends up acting crazy? Probably. That kind of attention seems perfect to us romantics. He can’t me out of his head and isn’t that great? Of course, it can be. Having your thoughts revolve around a special someone can be exhilerating. I call it the high of the crush. But most of the time I think I’m just looking for an emotional filler. I’m not satisfied, I want to pretend to be Ra-im (stunt woman), because Joo Woon’s (CEO’s) longing intense looks could feed me for days. In fact the Korean actors in this show having longing and angst down to an art form. Their eyes speak more than anything else. Sorry, side rant.


It’s so unfulfilling to watch shows like this and only builds up my expectations of men. No man would ever treat me like this (and if they did, I wouldn’t give them the time of day). Even as I know it and recognize, I click the next episode…what does it say about me?

Maybe all it says is that I like ridiculous stories with drama and K-pop.


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