Have you noticed? You start one audiobook and before you know it, the story is over. And then you’re swallowed by silence and incapable of handling the random noises of your day. Story just sort of takes over your life.

You compile favorite authors, favorite narrators (Rebecca Lowman, ftw). You scoff at some narrators to your favorite books (because no one can read Ella Enchanted the way I can) and some books, which are intolerable to actually read are somehow palatable in audiobook format (Dragons Realm became a comedy…I couldn’t stop laughing).

Poetry becomes sinful. Actually sinful (thank you Richard Armitage). And non-fiction books suddenly become interesting. My first non-fiction book binge happened because I was listening to audiobooks, not merely reading them (I’m not sure how long Abigail Adams would have taken me if I hadn’t listened to it).

Narrators give books life. They give your lazing a purpose. Because if I’m playing Candy Crush, I can also be listening to a book. MULTI-TASKING FTW! I can laze my day away and know that I got something done. Even if it was just listening to a book for eight hours.

And maybe it’s not healthy. Drugs aren’t healthy either. But I do feel like I’m using my brain. I’m expanding my mind (Hello, The Search for Vulcan). I’m testing my book boundaries and enjoying something on my day off. I’ll take it.


3 thoughts on “Audiobooks=Drugs

  1. Miss Heather says:

    If you want a great book, and a bit of a laugh, try Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time narrated by Derek Jacobi. He is a wonderful narrator, but he mixed up upper-crust New England and Chicago gangster. Great story, with the accent mixup adding just enough grin…


  2. Jenna Pirrie says:

    The only time I’ve been a successful audiobook consumer was earlier this year when my six-week temp job was THE MOST BORING data entry of all time. I got through six audiobooks, but the second that job ended, so did my audio book binge. I have yet to figure out how to get them back into my non-auditory-learning, easily-distractable life!


    • Nicole says:

      See, I’m an auditory learner. So audiobooks are my jam. Lol. A lot of times I listen to books I’ve already read during commutes or when I’m winding down. It gives me space to let my mind wander or become completely absorbed.


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