TV Shows That I Love So Much It Hurts

All of these shows were cancelled at one point. I’ve watched all at least twice and will probably watch them more in the future. Each is a character-based drama and beautiful. Except the last one. Bitten is my forever love.

1. Firefly. It’s a Joss Whedon production (♥). After one season it was cancelled, but I will always love it. It ended in a movie called Serenity that brought the story arc to a close. I will never give up hope for a revival. It’s a space cowboy movie. SPACE COWBOYS. It’s awesome.


2. Lipstick Jungle. Two season for this show. They practically had to pull a rabbit out of a hat to give it a happy ever after ending, but it sells. IT’s a show about three powerful women and their personal lives and friendship. It’s awesome. Joe Bennet and Victory Ford are my favorites.


3. Gilmore Girls. Six glorious seasons and one that is subpar. The most exciting thing about my entertainment life so far is the Gilmore Girls revival!! There will be four 90 minute episodes, produced by Netflix. It’s the story of a single mom and her daughter. It follows their relationships with the parents/grandparents, men, each other. It’s beautiful, witty, funny, and well-written. The seventh season tore my heart out and fed it to wolves. Evil writer wolves who hated us all. The finale was everything you would hope for though and I love this show.


4. Emily Owens, M.D. One season of complete heartbreak. A wreck of a medical student interns at a Denver hospital and it’s about her love life. Emily Owens has a bit of a love triangle. On one side is the beautiful, wonderful, golden-hearted Micah. On the other side is the dreamy, tall, golden-haired Will. Micah is so fantastic. I love him and would marry him tomorrow if his character was real.



5. Dollhouse. Another Joss Whedon master piece. This one lasted two seasons. I can’t even explain what it’s about because it would take up too much space. Let me just say that Topher is the best character that ever entered my life and I will love him forever.



6. The Famous Jett Jackson. Three seasons of Disney glory. Lee Thompson Young was charismatic and my childhood love. It’s about a movie star that moves back home to have a normal life while still filming his movies/shows. I find episodes on Youtube and I enjoy reliving the show.


7. Bitten. I’ve written about this several times, so I’m happy to forego the eloquent waxing. Werewolves. Sexy, sexy werewolves. Love. Me. Oh my.


I love these shows and I will always love these shows. Forever and ever and ever.



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