Fool’s Gold


This is the trilogy I’m on.

I started reading the Fool’s Gold series last year. My intro to Susan Mallery was through her Sister Trilogy. I liked those books, so I moved on to her Fool’s Gold series and fell in love. They are silly and corny and ridiculous, but so great. I love series where the characters carry over and you see familiar faces in different books. They are broken into trilogies.

Pia is in book three and you see her multiple times in books 4-6. It was so great. Charity is in book 1, but you rarely see her later. Which is sad. the same goes for Liz in book 2. But the Hendrix triplets make appearances throughout the whole series. And they are amazing. I love Montana; she’s my favorite.

I really just wanted to write a post about how I love this series, despite the fact that it is absolutely ridiculous. It deals with some serious issues, like infertility and permanent scars and home abuse. Of course, everything turns out perfect, because it’s Fool’s Gold (that’s the name of the town). If you can stomach the sweetness of them, give it a try.

And the prize for the most disjointed post goes to….this one.


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