So I’m tired of having unhealthy habits, so I’m doing a #28dayjumpstart with #fitgirlsguide. They have #allthehashtags, so I’m embracing it. And it’s SO PINK. The writers encourage you with unicorns and mermaids. I need to get some sparkly stationary and stickers. I’m kind of excited about that part.


There is a meal plan, an exercise plan and it’s only for four weeks. I can do that, right? Right. So if you want to see the progress, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I’ll be moaning and exulting in my process. I swing from being excited to being apprehensive about every minute or so.

It’s starts on February 8th. So if you want to join, there’s still time! I’ll be adapting all my recipes to what I can find for cheap in China, so I might post on that somewhere down the road.

Wish me luck! Or pray for me…that would be better.


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