Dragons Realm

Prepare yourself for a very harsh critique of this book.

There’s a very good reason I read this entire book (ordinarily I would have stopped after the first few chapters). God wanted me to know what Raina would look like with no/minimal editing. (Note: Raina is my book) I’m not joking.


The cover is gorgeous. The premise is awesome. The writing is terrible.

This book was bad because the characters weren’t flushed out, the plot was weak, and the writer was (presumably) lazy.

I am a lazy writer.

But I want to write a GOOD book. Somewhere, deep in Dragons Realm was a BRILLIANT premise. This could have been another Black Jewels trilogy or Kushiel’s Dart. That’s how much potential it had. It could have redefined “dragons” for scores of readers.

But the characters are static and one-dimensional. Nothing really happens because the characters don’t change. The dialogue is boring and repetitive. And the ending is shit.

It sounds cruel, I know. But it makes me angry that such a good idea was taken in hand by someone who didn’t do it justice. That being said, this book is a bestseller on Amazon. So a brilliant idea can have rewards. But the writing…oh the writing. It’s painful.

I will not do that to my brilliant idea. It’s the best I’ve ever had and I want it to be GREAT, so I have to put the work in.

Thanks Dragons Realm for being horrid. Now I know what to avoid.


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