Heartache//Thicker Than Blood


I don’t think I’ve written about this series before. Jade is a badass Indian heroine who is fighting against her Evil X (that’s ex-lover). He’s a sorcerer who wants to eat her heart. She’s a gamer who just wants to live with her tiger/boyfriend and chill. Who will win? I was convinced that we would find out soon. I thought it was going to be a 5 book series. But no! It’s expanded to SEVEN. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (but I can’t ruin the end because it hasn’t been written yet…)

I read Heartache and almost died because Harper was captured by Evil X. AND THAT WAS HOW SHE LEFT IT. I was so angry! But then Thicker Than Blood came out and I was relieved. Finally, my agony would be over and Evil X would die! But no. That’s not to be.

I had predicted that she had dragon blood back in book 2, and I was right. In this book she goes to bust her dad out of prison and he reveals his dragonness to her. That’s it. That’s all that happens. I was SO disappointed. Harper also escapes Evil X. And we meet Alex/Tiger-boy’s sister. That’s it. Not very exciting. And now we have to wait for another book to come out.

My heart aches at this development and I wish that my bond with these books was thicker than blood, but I just want it all to end. DIE EVIL X. DIE.



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