I’m back! My parents are awesome. My Christmas present from them was the ability to fix my computer and so now I can update you all on my life! HUZZAH! November was really rough for me and resulted in a lot of failures that I’m working through right now.

So…I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo. I got to 18,000 words and got seriously stuck. I’m working on character development and have made some awesome improvements with the help of a friend (Richard works with me and has a crazy creative mind). Penelope Cassandra (my MC) is a badass and I love her. I also have a redhead crazy chick named Nezza. And a drug named Bliss. And it takes place in space. You’re hooked. I know.

The No-Romance fast lasted until Ms. Sue died back home. Then I completely fell apart. I…I’m going to miss her, but I think my primary source of grief was knowing that I couldn’t be with my family during a hard time in everyone’s lives. And the holidays hit and I broke down. I’m not recovered from all the emotional strain yet. And with Christmas around the corner, I doubt I will. I am making plans for my return though and that makes me happy.

I’ll post more tomorrow. But I hope that you all are enjoying the Christmas festivities in the States (or wherever you are)


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