A quick note

Just wanted to let you all know what happened. I didn’t fall off the grid. I didn’t die, but my computer did. It made it nearly impossible to update the blog and then NaNo started.

Then I fell into a crazy depression and someone back home passed away and I’m a mess. This is my attempt at procrastination from my 10k1day. I’m trying to write 10,000 words today because I’m so behind. If I 20k I’ll be happy. I’m almost at 15k. YAY!

I miss writing here, but you probably won’t hear from me much until December. Miss you all!


2 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. Dad says:

    Your great grandfather would be proud of the title you chose for your blog. After all, he did start writing his own book, entitled “Walker’s Words of Worthless Wit and Wisdom”.


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