Embarrassment Threshold


Since moving to China, I have become bolder and more confident. With this confidence comes many embarrassing moments. Like, soooooo many. I could regain you with all the stories, but I’m not going to, primarily because I don’t enjoy reliving humiliation on the internet where everyone can see it. If you want to know, I’ll tell you in person.

I’ve been a bit sheltered in my life and I’ve found that my life story makes for an amusing anecdote. I make people laugh by telling them sad stories about me. I think my embarrassment threshold has gotten higher as a result. I still blush furiously and laugh nervously, but it happens less often now. I can laugh off awkward moments and move on, where before I would dwell on them forever and ever (amen).

I’m proud of myself. And now I have one minute to publish. Nothing like the last minute.


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