A Blurb for the Day


I’m not going to have enough time to write something properly so I’m frantically typing g while trying to decide what to wear. Multi-tasking for real.

Sometimes life is too much. Sometimes we don’t know if we’ll get all the things done or if we’ll make band 4 on the TKT or if our outfit will match because we chose clothes while we were writing blog posts. Sometimes your church friends blow up your phone because they want to start a word of the day group and everyone has something to say. ¬†Sometimes dreams of NaNoWriMo literally haunt your sleep and cause you to lie awake for hours wondering if you can actually make this plot work. You really want to because it’s awesome and sci-fi and your characters are real. Sometimes Life is busy and there’s no time for proof-reading or correcting. Life is crazy sometimes. Like today. But I’m still writing, so I can smile. And God is still good.

Have a good day.


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