You know you’re a Bible nerd when…


Last night Emily and I had community group. We had a few “you know you went to Bible college when…” moments. One was when I pulled out my phone to check commentaries on my Bible Gateway app. In reference to what the “last days” meant in 2 Timothy. Yup. It happened. Another was when Emily looked at me and said, “Joel is my favorite minor prophet.” And I said, “He’s not mine.” Yeah, we’re bible nerds.

It’s come to my attention that some of the things that make us nerds definitely came from Moody. But some are just us and the way that we are. We share some of these traits with people who never went to Bible school. I know because The Oaks (my church in Ohio) is full of Bible nerds. Some read Grudem for fun. Yeah, you read that right. Fun. Grudem. Not often heard together.

I was going to write a list of ways you know you’re a Bible nerd, because lists are totally in right now. Everybody’s writing lists. I decided instead to write this little paragraph in honor of the Bible nerds I know…

You know you’re a Bible nerd when you have a favorite book of the Bible but not a favorite verse. You pick up theology books to read in your abundant spare time. You talk about context and sometimes fight about it because context is important. You know the names of the two Egyptian magicians in Exodus. You have your favorite badass woman in the Bible, and people who aren’t Bible nerds have never heard of them before. Like Jael. Or Hannah. Or Priscilla. You know all the women in the lineage of Christ. You know how to pronounce some of the more ridiculous names, and if you don’t you can confidently stumble your way through it because you’ve read them often enough. Your smartphone contains at least two Bible reading apps, if not more because you enjoy variety. You have the Bible in an audio format of some kind. You have a favorite minor prophet. You have a favorite New Testament author. You’ve studied Revelation…the one time, because studying it more than once would be scary. And above all that: you like reading the Bible because it’s beautiful literature, because it’s the word of God in your life, and because you’re a little nerdy.

Be a Bible nerd. Own it.

(Note: to all my Oaks people…I miss you like crazy and wrote this partially because you were on my mind, and continue to be…)


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