When You’re Sick…


There are many times in the life of a grown adult when they just want their mother. Being sick is always on of those times. Every time I’ve ever gotten sick and I’m not home I have moaned that I just want my mom. Moms take care of everything. They make sure you are eating properly and that you have decongestants and gently tell you that you aren’t going to die. It’s just a cold. You’ll be fine.

Normally, I’d go to work with a cold. I had a cold two weeks ago. Seriously. I normally get sick twice a year. It’s like clockwork. But I’ve now gotten sick here twice in a row and I’ve been informed that it’s normal. Last time I went to work and got a coworker or two sick, so I’m teaching from home today in the hope that I won’t spread my nasty germs and that curling up with my blankets and a cuppa tea will help as I listen to people stumble through the minefield of the English language.

My little sister Marissa recently discovered the hell of being sick away from home. She’s a freshman in college, which is the worst year ever for the homebodies among us. I spoke with her briefly and she looked into the camera and whined, “I wanna be home and I want my Mom.” At the time I sort of wrote her off. I wasn’t sick anymore. My empathy was apparently taking a vacation. Now, as I remember that, I’m wincing a little because I feel that. Oh, sister, do I feel that. For now, I’m drinking fluids. I’m eating (leftovers, but it counts, right?) I’ll get some tea here in a minute. I have a never-ending supply of toilet tissues (I will totally explain this later…). And I’m cuddling with my blanket on the couch, readying myself for lessons later this afternoon.

Pray for me, dear reader. My dramatic side has a tendency to come out when I’m miserable. My illness becomes a spectacle and it’s not pretty. Also, be sure to thank your mom, if you can, for being the person who cared for you when you were sick. Or if your mom wasn’t that person, thank whoever it was. If you didn’t have the benefit of ever being taken care of when you were ill, I’m sorry. If you move to Shanghai, I will look after you when you are sick so you can experience that kind of love…


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