Blue Like Jazz — In the Interim

I’m sitting here listening to Scott Brick read Blue Like Jazz to me in his deep melodic voice and thinking, “God, this is so me.” The cynicism concerning the church; the way he says Latin is cool (because guys, Latin is cool); the thoughts he has concerning relationship. 

This last bit is what I’m listening to even as I write this. He says he wants a girl, he just wants one every couple of days, not every day. This is my thought exactly. I want a boyfriend, sure. I just want one every few days, not one that would get to know me so well that eventually we’d get married and that would be an every day, every moment kind of thing. Because both Don and I fear rejection. For serious. These thoughts on marriage aren’t new to me, but it is lovely to hear that someone, at some point of time, felt the same as I do now.

I’ve gotten over a lot of my cynicism concerning the church. I still think Latin is cool and that being Greek Orthodox would be like discovering my roots…excepting that no one in my family ever was Greek Orthodox. After listening to almost half the book, I am starting to pinpoint why I don’t like American politics and will probably write a post about it this month as I flush it out. The draft I’m writing in my head isn’t flattering toward my father, and I don’t wish to malign him in any way on the internet. I know that my thoughts toward politics aren’t his fault, but my own. My perception was so flawed that I saw everything wrong because it was through my filter and not Christ’s. I have failed to see the political system for what it is and instead found all the flaws and used those as excuses. I’m not saying my behavior will change, but I’m beginning to know myself better. Anyway, I will get to that more later.

I am loving parts of this. A lot of it is not for me where I am now. It would have been for me a couple of years ago. I am finding that I can see areas of growth in my life by seeing where Don is at and remembering when I was there. It’s both amusing and tedious. I want to finish it, so I stagger through those parts until I hit a part where I say, “Yes! I know this feeling now.” It’s a journey, as good books should always be. I’ll write my conclusions when I reach the end.

P.S. Scott Brick should really narrate all things that need to be narrated by men. I’m a fan of female narrators, but Scott Brick and a few others (*cough, cough* Colin Firth) should always narrate. I’m so glad he found his calling in audiobook narration.


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