12 Ideas – thanks Gail

My gorgeous sister drew this picture. Isn't she talented?

I’m reading Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine and this was a prompt. I came up with 12 ideas for future stories. I’m going to post them as written here and you can decide if they’re good. If you want to hear more about one, or really like one, comment and let me know! If you think you could write an idea better, take it. I’m sure there’s room in this world for more stories.

  1. All lady werewolves. Because women can handle more pain than men and it doesn’t make sense to me that werewolves would be primarily men due to the pain of the change.
  2. A girl teleports and mind wipes a ship of 30 people to different destinations – when she returns memories they each know where one person is located.
  3. The tale of a scarf that falls of a 20th story clothesline in Shanghai.
  4. A 25-year-old works part-time as a hostess and discovers how to break out of herself. (I never said they were interesting ideas…)
  5. Stephen & Magnolia – witches in a strange world. She has to save him from a dragon.
  6. A young man paints portals to various worlds and accidentally falls into one and forgets what his world looks like.
  7. A flower is found to cure cancer but can only be grown underground…
  8. A young Nicole’s journey to God.
  9. A high schooler wants fame but finds he/she prefers invisibility (Or original ideas…).
  10. Single life of a 25-year-old virgin.
  11. The Jane Austen Kappa Kappa Book Club
  12. The Houghton Hall Bookies – girl magically transports friends when she reads aloud in college setting

What think you? I realize some are stale, but I quite like a few…


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