Dark Matter


Okay, I’m really excited to be talking about this today, primarily because I just binge-watched it. It is a science-fiction drama with little romantic overtones because it’s primarily about a paranoid crew who can’t afford to love each other because one of them is untrustworthy and they don’t know who. Because they can’t remember. I fully realize that this is still not healthy behavior, but don’t berate me people, because believe me, I’m totally berating myself. In the midst of that, let me tell you about this awesome series, because it deserves to be talked about.

Look at that crew. All tough and stuff.

In the first episode you meet the crew, who are suddenly awakened from their sleep state to find the ship crashing, life-support failing and unable to remember who they are. However, they remember skills and have excellent memory. They go by numbers in order of how they woke up. One is the goody-two shoes and often the conscience of the crew. He has very definite opinions of what is right and how they should operate. Two is the badass chick who quickly takes control of both ship and crew, designating her unofficial captain (until they make it official). Three is the gun-happy psycho, who enjoys violence and doesn’t care for morals or feelings. Four is the swordsman (samurai style) who doesn’t speak much, and price discipline above all else. Five is the quirky girl genius who doesn’t really fit. Six is the token black man. I know that’s racist, but honestly, that’s what he starts out as. He doesn’t develop into a character until a few episodes in. Then he becomes the big brother type to Five and kind of doesn’t fall into any category. And then there’s Android, the ships android who never gets a name, which is sad. She starts to show symptoms of human emotions.

Throughout the first season they struggle to make money, stay flying, and figure out what in the galaxies happened to them. Along the way they alienate every large corporation by screwing over the Man, so to speak, and doing the morally right thing. Most of the time. Sometimes they just kill people. Five holds all of their memories in her mind and slowly they begin to understand who they were and what brought them aboard the ship.

It’s a Canadian show and you can tell by the stars. One is played by the guy who plays a psychopath in Bitten, Marc Bendavid (what’s the guy doing with three first names as his full name?). It was a little startling to find him playing the good guy. Android is played by Zoie Palmer, who plays Lauren in Lost Girl, also a Canadian sci-fi. It also stars Jodelle Ferland, Bree Tanner from the Twilight series, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr, and Roger R. Cross, who has been in everything from 24 to Arrow. Ruby Rose shows up as an android, and a few others you might recognize if you’re a TV/movie buff.

I spent a good amount of time guessing who was in charge of the memory wipe, but was unable to guess until the second to last episode. It kept me on my toes. There were a few moments when I found myself twiddling my thumbs, but very few. I enjoyed it quite a bit and was thrilled to find out that it’s been renewed for a second season! Primarily because you get left on a cliff hanger that was startling for so many reasons.

The Boys Club. Not gonna lie, some of my favorite parts were the bro-bonding that happens with these four and that one time when they’re totally rescued by the girls. Was that giving too much away? #sorrynotsorry

I’m not going to lie to you sci-fi fans, it has a ring of Firefly. You may like that or hate it, depending. Three comes off a lot like Jayne and Five is a lot like Kaylee. They don’t have many family or friendly moments, but the ones they have are reminiscent of Serenity and it’s crew. I kind of liked it, because it wasn’t an exact match, but I can see where it would be off-putting to others. Initially, Three was so much like Jayne that I was offended, but the characters are different and eventually you see the differences pretty clearly (if you’re comparing). It’s also a sci-fi show, and therefore has predictable elements. No one is going to die. You pretty much know that going in because they want you to be guessing about who did it. If they kill someone off, it narrows the field. The relationships are relatively predictable. I enjoyed the Android’s remarks though, because they were relatively unexpected as she becomes more human-like. It’s fun though and now available on Netflix. So enjoy it and get ready for season 2!


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