Adventures Ahead

So, if you haven’t heard, I am moving to Shanghai, China. I’m excited and nervous and starting to get a little sick (due to the excitement, nervousness, and the idea of missing my family). I started to pack up my room a little bit. It’s all happening too fast and not fast enough. I’m waiting on documents from China and then I have to express my visa.

The point is that I am finally taking a step. I’m going to a place I’ve always dreamed about going and I get to move in with one of my bestest friends on the planet. It’s like a giant escapade. I’m in shock, but it’s starting to become real to me.

The giant question that keeps coming back has little to do with China or the work ahead. How will I manage to board the plane? It seems like that would be easy. Adjusting to life in a different culture where few people understand my native language might be harder. However, I’ve spent the past three years living with my sisters and one of them is leaving for college this summer. They’ve left to go to orientation this week. And now that I’m without them, I’m haunted by the idea of getting on a plane and leaving for a whole year. Once I get there, I’ll probably get extremely homesick, but I think that boarding will be the hardest part. For now, anyway.

I don’t know if I can access this blog in China, so I’m going to start writing again for the next couple weeks. You can expect some book reviews and some ramblings. I’m scared, but this is possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. BAH!


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