Flavor of the Week: March 16


Book: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. It’s all about good nutrition and fitness. I’m finding that I know a lot of the material, but it’s a good refresher. And there’s a few things I didn’t know before. There are three parts: nutrition, fitness, and mind. I’m only on chapter six of the nutrition section.

Movie: About Time. Rachel McAdams is the bomb. And this movie is full of sweet moments, awkward moments, and babies. When it first came out, I thought it would be sappy and I didn’t want to watch sappy. But it’s actually quite quirky and I enjoyed it immensely.

TV Show: Er…Dance Academy. Again. It’s just so good! And AUSTRALIA!

Youtube: I would love to tell you that I’ve found some new show and it’s awesome. I’d love to tell you that an old show, like The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, has returned. Neither of those things are true. I’ve got nothing for you, except that I made a video for Emily about my library books. So here.

Music: I don’t like Pitbull, but I almost didn’t make enough money to pay my bills, so this was my theme song for the week.

Flavor: Flaxseed Waffles. Nom.


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