Flavor of the Week: March 1st

Oh March, I’m so excited that you are finally here! Perhaps now the sun will shine warmer and the grass will start to perk up a bit. I need a little more green in my life. 2015 Book: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I was supposed to read this for book club, but I kept putting it off in favor of more…fluffy things. So far it’s good. It’s all about empowering women to become fearless, or that’s what I’ve gathered so far. I’m enjoying it.

Movie: The Thief and the Cobbler. This is a fantastic bit of nonsense to brighten your day. It’s a little over an hour and glorious. Go watch it. And yes, the princess’s name is Yum Yum. I wrote a review/live reaction thing here.

Show: Hawaii Five-0. All four seasons are on Netflix and I’m so happy. I really enjoy how they shoot people if said people are dangerous. A lot of times the good guys arrest or incapacitate instead of just taking the baddies out. Not here. They know how dangerous these guys are and don’t hesitate to save civilians over the baddie. Also Alex O’Laughlin. I loved Three Rivers and The Back-Up Plan. ❤

Youtube: Yulin Kuang is one of my favorite creators ever. Like seriously. If I did girl crushes, I’d have one on her. She makes beautiful, poignant, fantastic videos and if you haven’t found her yet, go now. Watch all her videos. Feel all the feels. I’ll start you out. I’ve only watch Cecilia like…18-20 times now. It stars my favorite actress, Mary Kate Wiles, too. And the fashion. Omg.

Flavor: Ginger. I was sick this week and ginger made me happy. Ginger ale, ginger peach tea, etc. It’s such a beautiful thing. I love it.


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