Books are me.

Books are my passion. I love the smell of them. I love the look of them. I love the tangle of words on the page. I love the stories they tell.

You know that feeling when you see the boy you like? Your heart speeds up a bit and you feel a little light-headed? Not that you want to commit to him for life or anything, but it’s a rush whenever he walks into a room. I feel that way every single time I walk into a bookstore.

I have this love affair with them that will never end. I can’t help it. I come back to them over and over again. They complete me and understand me.

I don’t think that people around me understand what books are. Because they are life and light and beauty. They are adventure and friendship and love.

People look at me incredulously whenever I start to ramble about books. “But don’t you want to experience that for yourself? Don’t you want to live  your own life?” Of course I do. I want to do all the things I read about. But I can’t give books up. And I’d rather read about something dangerous (like skydiving) than do it. I like to live through other people. I like to hear (read) the stories and imagine myself in their shoes. My imagination knows no bounds.

I love book covers. The pictures and fonts and textures. Hardbacks are not my favorite. I love paperbacks and the life they’ve lived. I rarely buy books new because I want to know that any physical book I own has it’s own unique story.

I adore ebooks. The cheapness and availability of every book I want to read at my fingertips makes me weep. My kindle and I are inseparable. It is in my purse always, just in case I need to escape the dreariness of the world around me.

Audiobooks make me believe in magic. How else could a man sound like a damsel in distress? Or a woman sound like the bravest hero? Narrators are my heroes, my idols, and I want to be one someday. To read a book professionally is one of my “someday” dreams.

I want to travel and meet new people and experience life. I want to teach children and fall and in love. Those are “someday” dreams too.

I don’t think I can describe to you the joy that rises in me when I walk into a library and just see what is there. So many people have given the world their ideas forever immortalized in books. Certainly, some are truly shitty ideas (I’m looking at you, 50 Shades…). But that kind of doesn’t matter, when you see the beautiful thoughts that entered the world on a page. When you see the worlds that were built and the pain people suffered and the art that was made.

I love books and stories so much that I’ve been imagining my own since I was seven. I have trouble putting them down on paper. Or finishing one. And that’s my biggest “someday” dream.


One thought on “Books are me.

  1. Ashley Marie says:

    I love this distillation of your passion in life Nicole! I love your love for books, I think that it is a very noble passion to have. You are doing an excellent job pursuing that passion right now. Please never loose that passion as it makes the world a better place!!


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