Flavor of the Week: Chicago Edition!

Last week I was in Chicago, so this week I’ll highlight media that involve Chicago or that I finished while there.


Book of the Week: First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen. I bought this before I left and finished it on Wednesday. It was soooo good. This is a sequel to SAA’s Garden Spells and a fine edition to the gorgeous magical realism world that she’s created. Review to come.

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I adore her covers.

Movie of the Week: Jupiter Ascending. This movie has everything that is important in life. Good actors, bad dialogue, an intriguing plot, air boots, and Chicago. I fully intend to write a review later this week as well.

TV Show of the Week: Sirens. This is a show about EMT’s in the Chicago area. It’s funny and I like it. Not an “OMG I LOVE IT” show, but amusing and fun.

Youtube Show of the Week: The Misselthwaite Archives. I am so excited about this show. It’s The Secret Garden where Mary Lennox is a little older and more cynical. Medlock is her “aunt” and Uncle Art takes all the business trips to New York. Oh, and Robin is a cat. Because a cat is probably easier than an actual robin. This doesn’t have a Chicago connection, but I’m stoked and wanted to share it with you.

Song of the Week: Just You and Me by Chicago. I love this song.

Flavor of the Week: Chicago Style Hotdogs. Oh wow. They are so yummy. For serious.

Omg, it’s so good. If you’re a hot dog hater, you can stuff it. Or not.


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