Flavor of the Week February 8th


Yesterday was horrifying and emotional and I spent almost all day in bed crying. Which is why you didn’t get a FOTW post. So I’m a day late. But that’s okay, because I can talk about stuff that I’m actual enthusiastic about. Woo-hoo!

Book of the Week: Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti. Taking a walk down memory lane and it’s marvelous. This was the first book I binge-read. I finished the 400+ page book in two days. I loved it. I’m still loving it. It inspects a different aspect of spiritual warfare than almost every other Christian Fiction book. It’s fantastic.

TV Show of the Week: I have two. Stargate: SG1 and Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I’m enjoying both and indulging my inner geeky sci-fi girl.

Movie of the Week: Unfinished Song. Never have I loved Gemma Arterton so much, and she was freaking fantastic in Prince of Persia. Also, the Ninth Doctor is in this, which is fantastic as well. It’s sad, funny, and beautiful. A bit of a tear-jerker, but perfectly so.

Song of the Week: I’ve been listening to the best opera…Pelléas et Mélisande. It’s SOOOOO good. One of the best things about it is that it’s in French, so I can follow the basic storyline, which I can’t with almost every other opera.

Flavor of the Week: Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownies. Dairy-free and delicious. Nom.


One thought on “Flavor of the Week February 8th

  1. pipst says:

    So, remember how you had a swelling up of sisterly love when I told you my favorite Silversun Pickup song? Yeah, I just had that when you mentioned DS9. It’s my favorite Star Trek series. I remember vaguely when it started and I remember when it ended. It pretty much is my childhood 🙂

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