Flavor of the Week: January 25th

Hey there. How was your week? Good? Mine was bizarre. But even amongst the weird I found new things. And I wrote some of Margaret! Which I will not post here until it goes through my little group of critics.

Book of the Week: What Matters in Jane Austen?: Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved by John Mullan. I FOUND ANOTHER ONE! Another awesome Austen analysis BY A MAN. I get really excited about that. Is that sexist? I’ve only read the first chapter, which was on why age matters and it was great! I’ve learned a lot already, especially about Persuasion, which is totally my favorite. I’m excited to read all of this.

Movie of the Week: Barefoot. I loved this movie. I LOVED this movie. It’s cute and thought-provoking and…yeah. You should just watch it. It’s on Netflix. The trailer completely mis-represents the movie, so I’m not linking it.

Song of the Week: I’m skipping TV Show because a)I don’t have one and b)I have TWO songs. I recently became a little obsessed with Memphis May Fire and thanks to Amazon Music I can listen to all sorts of stuff free. Which includes MMF. Here’s my favorite song by them so far:

And then today I got a list of artists from a new friend and I kind of listened to this song three times in a row…

Food of the Week: NAAN. Naan bread is AMAZING. I ate it with chicken and poppy seed dressing three times in a row this week. And, of course, it’s amazing with curry.

Nom. Naan.


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