Frankenstein Rant

So I finally finished Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It was fantastic. I listened to the audiobook read by Dan Stevens (aka Edward from Sense and Sensibility). It was phenomenally narrated. Stevens had the perfect voices for each character. It’s a rare talent. Usually you end up hating at least one voice, but I liked them all.

The story was also fantastic. The ending slayed me. I was not expecting that. Obviously the tale follows Dr. Frankenstein and his creation of a monster. If you’ve seen any rendition of this on the screen, it’s been wrong. I actually had no idea that the story didn’t center on the creation of the monster, but on what followed. After the fellow is created, he is spurred by so many people that he grows to hate his creator. He despairs of ever having any sort of companionship. He demands that Frankenstein create a female for him so that he won’t be alone. It’s really sad.

I was really surprised that the creature was super intelligent. In every movie/tv version he is unable to reason or even speak. His tale of woe was quite tragic, and I was completely sucked in. It was such a good story!

And thus lies my frustration. Pemberley Digital recently created Frankenstein, M.D. and I loved it, even when I hated it. However, almost all of it was incorrect. The motivation of the creation of the monster was correct. Frankenstein is upset over her mom’s death (cause in this version Frankenstein is a girl: Victoria). But there was an “Igor” (Izzy) and Walton was more of a mentor than a friend/recorder of events. And the monster was stupid and couldn’t speak.

Every recreation of the story has those aspects. It’s frustrating, because the story stands on its own. It doesn’t need the embellishment. Why must they all have extras? It makes me angry.

I love this story so much that incorrect adaptations make me angry. It was pretty great.


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