The Princess Bride Memoir

As You Wish was a delightful memoir written by Cary Elwes with blurbs from the rest of the cast on what they remembered about various topics. I listened to the audiobook, which was read by Mr. Elwes and the cast as well. A note on the cover: it’s an actual picture of Elwes as the Man in Black. I think that’s awesome.

I really like the cover. A lot.

I can’t give it a rave review because it was very repetitive and a little arrogant. A lot of it was about how good Elwes was as a young actor. His editors did him no favors when they allowed him to repeat the point fifteen or sixteen times a chapter, but it is what it is. I don’t know if Elwes insisted on keeping the writing the way it was, or if they thought his name was enough to sell the book without thorough editing (they were probably right, which is sad). I am ridiculously grateful that I listened to it though, because I probably wouldn’t have gotten through the book had I read it.

However, for fans of The Princess Bride, it was pretty great. The stories concerning how certain stunts came about or lines that were ad-libbed were fantastic and I loved how each section that a member of the cast wrote was read by them. The most notably absent voice was Mandy Patinkin, although I know that there were two other cast members unable to read for the book. The training that they had to go through to film the Inigo vs. Man in Black scene was crazy awesome. I kind of wish I could become a master swordsman now, not gonna lie.

All in all, I would recommend it to those who enjoyed the movie and the book and would like to know more about the process. Basically anyone who was in the HHB (a little book club I formed in college) would enjoy it. And fanatics of TPB, like me. Enjoy!

I also really enjoyed this “review” of sorts:


2 thoughts on “The Princess Bride Memoir

    • Nicole says:

      Well, it did deliver, it just delivered multiple times. I think the redundancy of the book was just too offputting to me. If you are a fan of TPB you should definitely read it. It has some excellent stories.


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