The End of Octoberfest

So…October is over and I didn’t really make it. But I’m proud of what I did accomplish. I wrote 20 posts over 31 days. I didn’t write a wrap-up post on the 31st because I was working. That’s actually the reason I didn’t post 31 times. I got a job. Two jobs actually.

Things got a little intense and then I let things fall to the wayside with this blog in favor of living an eventful life. Sometimes it happens. I’ve been busy and I love it.

However, now it’s November and I’m writing a novel or two. A collection of awkward short stories to use as fodder for novels (that’s what I’ve decided to use them for) and I’m starting on my rewrite of The Nomorims, which was my high school novel that I worked on forever. I continued working on it in college for a while, but it was my high school baby. It’s my project for life, until I complete it. I love this story and I’m beginning to get excited about it again.

So thank you for following me on this journey of Octoberfest. I hope I didn’t bore you too badly and I hope to see you soon. 🙂


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