Netflix Gems

While I was looking for a job/procrastinating finding a job, I found all sorts of little known shows on Netflix. And in the midst of all the hype over Gilmore Girls, Netflix has added several other new shows or seasons to the mix. Here are some amazing things on Netflix that you might not know about.

1. Season 2 of Arrow. I’m watching it right now. If you’re going to get into The Flash, you should start here. Arrow is about The Green Arrow, superhero and awesome. He’s definitely a favorite. Like Robin Hood, only different. Season 2 introduces Barry Allen and Roy, the Red Arrow. Also, Summer Glau. SUMMER GLAU. Check it out.

Baricity forever.

2. Life. It’s a series about a murder cop who is a little weird. He was in prison for 12 years and is proved innocent and given back his job. It’s intense but great. The lead actor, Damian Lewis, is fantastic. If you enjoy a good mystery, watch this.

Hey there. 😉

3. Dollhouse. A lesser known Whedon masterpiece. I knew about this a long time ago and watched the whole series. It’s magnificent. Alan Tudyk steals the show, but Felicia Day rocks in it too. Enjoy.

Eliza Dushku rocks.

4. My Boys. It’s all about a sports writer who struggles through the dating world and the friendship world. Jim Gaffigan is one of the stars of this little gem. P.J. is my spirit animal. And the whole thing takes place in Chicago.

5. Three Rivers. One season of medical drama excellence. It ends a little abruptly, but it isn’t the madness of Grey’s Anatomy or E.R. I liked it a lot. I wish it hadn’t been cancelled, but I’m happy it’s on Netflix so I can revisit it again and again.

6. Lipstick Jungle. Jonesing for Sex in the City? Try this. It’s about three strong women in New York. The story to follow is Victory Ford’s. Her romance with Joe is a beautiful one. I love it.

They are so beautiful. It hurts.

7. MI-5 (or Spooks). A show about spies in England. Richard Armitage, Matthew McFayden, Rupert Penry-Jones. I love them all. Ten seasons of craziness. Watch it; Love it.

8. The Glades. Another homicide policeman show. The great thing about this one is the relationship between Jim and Callie. There are no love triangles or awkwardness. It’s just Jim and Callie.

9. Dance Academy. A ballet drama about what it takes to get through dance school. Three seasons of drama and I loved every second of it. Xenia Goodwin is amazing.

10. Farscape. This is my favorite. A science fiction tale of aliens and revenge. It’s the story of a man who gets lost in space and only wants to return home.



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