The Flash – A Play by Play Review of the Premiere

I’m typing as I watch this.

Ouch! Barry, you’ve been friend-zoned, my boy.

I love Danielle Panabaker. And Barry is gorgeous.

“Can I keep the sweatshirt?” Yes, but we prefer you take it off.

Oh, Gorgeous cop and Friend are so dating.

I love that his reaction is the same as Spiderman’s. Cool.

Dad, stop being realistic, no one cares. We want super heroes, so laws of physics be damned!

NAILED IT! With the dating thing. Barry! I’m sorry! I’ll comfort you. She was gonna tell you.

OMG! GET HIM! HIGH SPEED CHASE! Only one person is in a car. Barry’s just running. Ha. He wins. Creepy weather guy is super emo. He’s got the swishy hair in his face and permanently furrowed brow.

Hey! Dude from Rent! Stop yelling. Barry is right. I’m laughing at you right now.

Barry, stop being a drama queen. And when the hell is Oliver arriving? And Felicity? I vote for Felicity.

Barry is officially a meta-human. And super on-fire for justice.

Okay, creepy wheelchair guy. Barry is a hero! You’re wrong!

Is that the guy from Scrubs?

Oh! He’s telling his story to Oliver! That’s awesome! I love him. Hi, Olly! “I think that bolt of lightening CHOSE YOU.” Cause lightening is capable of intellectual thought. “Wear a mask.” YES! A red one please. But not the Mask of the Red Death.

I like the long-haired kid. He’s nerdy and awesome. Look at Danielle Panabaker! All genius and stuff. That’s a step up from Disney. And Sky High.

Creepy emo dude just claimed to be god. There’s only one God dude, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like you.




“It’s time to think big.” You’re super dramatic emo villain. I like it.

Hey! The mentor dude literally just said what I wrote…”Run, Barry! Run!” And then my dad said, “Run, Forrest, run!”

And I laughed. Because I said it first.

Barry! Put your mask on! The guy from Rent will know who you are! Too late. He knows. Crazy, man. Yeah, you apologize. You were a jerk. Good, you protect your daughter.

It’s not the dude from Scrubs. That makes me sad. But I think I like his dad. There are SO MANY corny lines! “You believing me is all I need.”

Ooooo. I like the lightening bolt.

“I’m so proud to be your son.” “I love you son.” Oh, they just put their hands up to the glass together.

Grace just said, “Oh, you like the lightening bolt? It really struck me.”

Mentor guy is a villain! He just totally stood up from his WHEELCHAIR! He’s from the future! He can time travel! HE’S A TIME LORD! AH! HE MUST BE THE MASTER!

That was excellent! If a little dramatic…

Okay, Wheelchair Timelord Mentor is from Scrubs.


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