Flavor of the Week: October 5th

Book of the Week: A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen. This is the second book in the Her Royal Spyness series. I listened to the first one and it was narrated by Katherine Kellgren, whom I love. I’m physically reading the second one and loving it so far. I’m waiting for the dashing Darcy O’Mara to make an appearance (he’s Irish nobility…swoon). Georgie is the main character, thirty-something in line to the throne, and desperate for cash. Which is why she works as a maid of sorts, opening houses for those that don’t want to send a servant ahead to open the house in London. I’m a big fan of Georgie. She’s so plucky and clumsy and funny.

Movie of the Week: The Best Man Holiday. This is a sequel to The Best Man, which I have never seen. The first five minutes gives the backstory in clips from the original movie, so you know what happened. The story was funny, tragic, touching, and familial. I laughed, I cried. It was a good one.

Show of the Week: Gilmore Girls. Seven seasons of glory. It’s now on Netflix. Go, take it all in. Enjoy the witty banter and tangled love lives of the Gilmore girls. If you want to know my favorite moments read my post  that I wrote a couple days ago here.

Gilmore Girls is a lifestyle…I’m not sure I’d call it a religion.

Song of the Week: I’m jumping on the bandwagon and joining the entire nation as we all jam out to the best song right now.

Flavor of the Week: Strawberry. It’s one of my favorites. The fruit is delicious, the ice cream is the best, and shortcake? Nom…yum. So good.

Just look at those beauties.


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