Outlander: Mid Season Review

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon was a book that I enjoyed, and when I found out that it was joining the fleet of book to TV renditions this year I was thrilled!

The first half of the season is eight episodes long, which is not nearly long enough.

The only complaint I have about the plot is that it is waaaaaaaay too long before romance evolves between Jamie and Claire. But that happened in the book too. The romance begins in episode seven. Seven out of eight. The suspense is awful. The writers are fantastic and Diana Gabaldon is a consultant on the show.

The cast is so great. Sam Heughan was the perfect choice for Jamie. His smile is flirtatious and fun and sexy. He speaks with commitment and, gosh, that accent. He is a spitting image of the what the book describes. I actually found out about the show by stalking Sam’s imdb page. He’s in my favorite cheesy Christmas movie. Anyway, he’s gorgeous and a magnificent actor. And basically perfect.

Be still my beating heart. *sigh*

Claire is excellent as well. Caitriona Balfe is a magnificent actress who only started acting four years ago. Her first film credit was in 2011 (Super 8). She’s done a fantastic job translating Claire’s fiery, yet vulnerable, personality to the screen. I think that her struggle between Frank and Jamie has been very well done too. I’m a pretty big fan.

I love her hair.

Everything is pretty much how I imagined it. Frank is amazing and good, and sad. Jack Randall is despicable. Dougal is tough and irritating. And the rest of the Scots are lovable and lovely.

I seriously will have a lot of trouble waiting till April and will probably go back and read the book again, and watch all the episodes again.

What did you think of the show (if you’ve seen it)? Unfortunately, viewing is limited to those who have Starz channels. Luckily for me, I know someone who does. 🙂


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