Favorite Gilmore Girls Moments

Gilmore Girls came to Netflix yesterday. It’s like my birthday. Only different. I love Gilmore Girls (Jen Martin got me obsessed, thanks for that). So as part of my Octoberfest and in celebration of this wonderful, marvelous addition to the Netflix family, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments. 😀

1. Rory meets Dean. First episode of the first season and bad boy James Dean…er…sorry Dean meets Rory and carries her books and it’s soooo cute!

Too cute!!

2. Lorelai gives Luke the hat. The hat that he wears for the REST OF THE SHOW. She replaces his hat and he wears the one she gave him for the next seven seasons.

3. Dean’s movie nights with Rory and Lorelai. Technically, there is more than one moment. But this moment of boyfriend/mom/girlfriend bonding time is kind of the best.

Please note that he is the only one eating salad.

4. Max Medina and the thousand yellow daisies. I know Scott Cohen as Wolf from 10th Kingdom, but Max Medina is almost as good.

5. Michel. Not necessarily a moment. Just every moment with Michel.

6. Sookie and Jackson get married. I love Sookie and her moments in general, but when she and Jackson get hitched I get happy.

Yes. He’s in a kilt.

7. Jess publishes a book. I love Jess in the show and I love him and Rory together, but when he shows up with a great accomplishment– a book! I get so excited. It’s a great moment.

8. Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss.

It’s a perfect moment.

9. Rory and Logan after Logan was an idiot. Granted this happened multiple times. But he always makes up for it.


10. The last episode. It simultaneously makes you proud and breaks your heart.

Bon Voyage Gilmore Girls

I’m so excited to be watching GG this month. 😀


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