My Own Octoberfest

I had a brainstorm this past week and this one idea kept coming back to me. I was wondering how I could be more intentional about blogging and getting my ideas/reviews on here. So I decided to create a meme/blogging event. If I’m the only one to do it, that’s cool. It would be awesome if other people joined me too, but I know it’s short notice.

I’m doing a blogging Octoberfest. Basically, I’ll be writing posts and posting one blog per day every day of October. I can write whatever I want. It can be a review that I said I would write but never did, a rant, part of my book that I’m rewriting, or an essay. I  have so many things that I say I want to write about but never do. It’s so sad. So this is my time to write all the posts I ever said I would.

Today is my intro post, but tomorrow, who knows? It’s time to get creative! It’s only 31 days, right? I can do it…


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