Forever Princess

This books is the end of The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot and the end of some part of my childhood. I started this series when I was 12 maybe? And I finally got around to reading the end of it. So this is it, my review of the end of a saga.

Mia is finally, and I do mean FINALLY graduating high school. Oh snap. She is “happy” with her boyfriend JP and is trying to get her romance novel published. She doesn’t know where to go to college (she got in everywhere, of course). Her dad is running for prime minister of Genovia against her fop of a cousin and Michael just finished building his robotic arm which means he’s famous and moving back to New York. Oh, the drama.

I have to say, it was a fun read. Mia has always irked me a little because she has so much and is still complaining about what she’s lacking. And one of the things she thinks she ought to have is a boyfriend. That type of mentality makes me want to smack her. But beyond that, it was good to revisit and see Lilly and Tina and Michael (who was as perfect as ever). He was totally on my character obsessosis list. I wanted him to be my high school boyfriend.

I will say, I hated that Meg Cabot made it sound so easy to get published. Mia sends her manuscript to several publishing companies and is finally published at the end. It’s not that simple. But it’s fiction, so I’ll let it slide.

JP was a total jerk. I hated him.

Grandmere was, as ever, my favorite, with her overreacting and drama. She’s so great.

Side rant: I absolutely loathed the fact that they changed the covers halfway through the series. It wasn’t finished yet and they were all, “These covers are awful, we’ll just change them,” making it IMPOSSIBLE to have a nice collection if you were buying as they were published. I hated that so much. End side rant.

Overall I’d say it was okay. I’m glad that the series is over, and I wouldn’t mind reading it again, but I’d have to be very bored. It’s appropriate for the audience it was written for, teen girls.


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