I finally finished yet another book on my summer reading list, Wool by Hugh Howey. Libraries are so great (when I don’t owe them money).

This book is sci-fi dystopian, which put me off it for a bit. There’s so much dystopian going around it’s hard to be enthusiastic about a new one. However, I’d heard about this from an Apple store Genius (at the Genius Bar) and he got me excited.

I love this cover.

The story is about Juliette, a woman who works in the Mechanical section of the Silo. An apocalyptic event happened and now all people live underground in this silo, where their only view of the outside is through sensors. Those sensors occasionally need to be cleaned, so as a capital punishment deal, when people commit a crime against the Pact, they are sent out to cleaning. Jules is appointed shortly after the former sheriff volunteers to clean and soon finds why he would commit such a mad act. She finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy and begins to wonder what secrets the menacing IT department has been keeping from the people of the Silo.

I loved this book. It was difficult to get started, but after I reached a certain point, I couldn’t put it down. Jules was conflicted and brave. She wasn’t your typical “strong woman.” She even had a bit of a romance with Lukas. I liked that she was freaked out and unsure a lot of the time. She went with her gut and tried to figure it all out.

I liked the way Howey wrote it. It was initially meant to be short stories, but you couldn’t really separate them. He gives the readers different points of view though, and I liked that. You saw from Jules, Lukas, Bernard (the evil IT man), Walker (the mentor to Jules), Holston (former sheriff), and others. It wasn’t stilted or awkward though, the flow was natural and kept up the steady pace.

The ending wasn’t surprising, but I couldn’t say I was expecting it. I didn’t have much knowledge about this book before I started it, which was nice because it meant I couldn’t predict the outcome.

Lukas and Jules relationship was a little…cliche. I wasn’t sure I would have bought it if I hadn’t really needed something happy. There’s a lot of sorrow in the book and their semi-whirlwind romance brought a smile to my face. It was a needed break from the sadness.

I would recommend this to dystopian lovers, but it isn’t so much science-fiction. So if you aren’t keen on the genre, it might not be for you. I don’t care for dystopian literature, but I did like this because of the characters and the mystery of it. So if you think it sounds interesting, go for it.


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