Tales of a Time Gone By

When I was in high school I was an avid reader, much as I am now, with less refined tastes. I hate a hankering for Christian romances like none other and Traci Peterson and Lori Wick were my favorites. They were sappy and overflowing with ridiculous metaphors of life with Christ and I lapped up every word.

I was a junior and in the musical The Wizard of Oz (primarily because I auditioned and could sing, not due to any acting talent on my part). We were backstage during either the dress rehearsal or one of the shows and I was reading The Hawk and the Jewel by Lori Wick for the second or third time.

A friend of mine, Olivia, asked me what I was reading and I told her all about it. I explained that it was about a young girl who was kidnapped by an emperor when she was a child but given back to her family as she grew into an adult and about how she fit into 19th century life. I was at a point in the book when the main character, Sunny, is reunited with her nephew, Miles. Olivia picked up the book and read one line:

Miles smiled and the two met in the middle of the room and shared a great hug.

The entire girls dressing room cracked up at hearing this and proceeded to ask, rhetorically I presume, what a great hug would look like. I think a few of them tried to act it out, though that might be my wild imagination.

At the time I think I took it personally. I took a lot of things personally in high school. However, I saw Olivia for the first time last week and that memory was one of the first things to pop into my head. So I went hunting for this book. I couldn’t remember the line, but I remembered that it was funny and that I had laughed many times since over that scene in my head. So I read the whole book from cover to cover to find that line. Even now I chuckle at what a great hug is. Any ideas? I’m going to find a great hug gif. Hold on.

If this is what their hug looked like, I would be so sad. But I would laugh forever.

I imagine that the Doctor gives the best hugs. Dare we call them ‘great?’

Now this, this is a great hug.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Laurie share an EPIC hug. That goes beyond great. No greatness in this hug. Just pure AWESOME. I have no idea what this is from. Someone enlighten me?

Kind of self-explanatory. Gotta love Boy Meets World. They really get great hugs.

I would like to note that most of the “great hug gifs” that popped up on Google were Glee gifs. Because Glee knows that it’s not songs that make the world go round but great hugs. Large hugs. Share a great hug with someone you know today.

This post was inspired by Olivia and high school musicals (but not High School Musical ™).

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