Out With the Old

Things have been particularly crazy lately (thus the lack of posts). We are getting ready to move back to Dayon, OH, home to more than a few of my self-esteem issues. So the flurry of activity and need for escapism is never-ending. I have started watching Arrow, and a myriad of other shows that I don’t actually care about. I’ve also re-read or re-listened to all of Patricia Briggs Mercedes Thompson universe. I’ve eaten more than my fair share of ice cream and have procrastinated mailing Emily’s package so badly that I’m pretty sure even all the extras I’ve added won’t make up for it (SO SORRY EM!).

However, in the past two weeks I have thrown away a lot of paraphernalia that needed to go. I culled through my books and got rid of things I never had any intention of reading or things that I know I’ll easily find again at a used bookstore in my future home (*cough cough* A Raisin in the Sun). I also have been applying for jobs and trying to decide what my future is going to look like.

I want to travel and experience different cultures. To that end I will be taking a TESOL certification course which I may be able to finish by the new year. Maybe. I have also applied for many jobs, which is exhausting as any unemployed person will tell you. I have an interview, so that’s good news.

That’s all the boring stuff. What’s really new with me is that I cut 8 to 10 inches of my hair off. It was mildly traumatic for me because I LOVED my long hair, but I think I needed it. New home, new job, new hair. Why not? Also, I stopped biting my nails. I now file like a maniac, but it’s been almost two weeks. It’s a little weird to type now, not gonna lie.


I think that’s it. Today and tomorrow are garage sale days, so that’s fun. But nothing else uber important is happening.

Bye darling readers.


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