Warning: Cliche post-graduation topics may occur in near future

My friend Jenna just wrote a post that pretty much sums up post-college life and feelings. So I’m reblogging it.

Jenna Kristine

“I graduated 365-something days ago;
Twelve months ago, I walked across the Moody church stage;
One year ago, I finished my last finals.”

Sound familiar? Yes, every single person I graduated with is probably saying versions of these things right about now, just as the 2012 graduates did last year and this year’s graduates will do a year from now.

Then you add one more line to the graduation nostalgia:

“This first year out, it’s hard.”

It’s rendered near cliche when you’re in this age group (or listening to this age group), isn’t it? And, quite honestly, it’s why I’ve had such a hard time justifying writing about some of the things I might otherwise write about in this pie slice of twenty-somethingness: like learning to manage time when classwork isn’t a constant priority, figuring out how to cook for one, budgeting (kind of), and dealing with the deep shift in how…

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