Top Nine Reasons I Love Goodreads

For those that are completely ignorant of social media, bookish social media to be exact, Goodreads is the most glorious site to grace the internet in forever. It is a kosher way to brag about what you’ve been reading and an excellent resource to find new books that might interest you. Over half of my to-read books have come from perusing Goodreads shelves.

Every time I go on to the site I get the tingles. But that’s not one of the top nine reasons I love Goodreads. It’s one of thousands. I’m limiting myself for you, dear reader. Otherwise, you might grow to hate both me and Goodreads and that’s just not acceptable.

9. The name. Good reads. I mean, it tells you what it is right off the bat. It’s a place to discuss, to find, to convince others to read good things. It makes me happy.

8. The layout. The colors soothe me and make me feel…papery? Particularly bookish? Like I need to go write things immediately (Right after I find all the books, that is…)? All of the above. The only thing that would make it better would be if tea could pop out of the screen, so you could have some while you obsessively comb through your friends shelves and make sure that yours are perfect.

7. The phone app. I love this app. Sometimes, I click on it just ’cause. It’s pretty and functional and makes sense. It’s so easy to log your progress in one book or even read ebooks on your phone. IT’S SO EASY.

6. The beauty of actually communicating with authors. It’s so great! If you follow an author, you are notified whenever they have a discussion on Goodreads. You are notified whenever they post articles or blog posts. It’s fantastic. And beyond that, you can follow other “celebrity”-esque people as well. I follow Felicia Day, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Ilona Andrews, John Green, etc. I follow all my favorite booktubers from Youtube and all my favorite authors and all the people. Okay, not all the people. But it’s a great way for authors to get reader input and to make a more in-depth connection than Twitter allows.

5.The ability to stalk all your acquaintances. Facebook obviously gives you this as well, but the stalking capabilities are unique on Goodreads. You don’t know about their vacation or who they are dating, but you know what they’re reading. And that is often far more valuable in life. It’s great because I can glean new books based on what my friends like, or I can say, “HA! YES! THEY FINALLY READ THAT!” I do that a lot. Many of my closest friends aren’t on Goodreads, but that’s actually nice because it means that I can discuss literature with people I wouldn’t talk to on a daily basis. I really like that bit.

4. Recommendations. When you finish a book and you mark it as read, a box pops up and asks who you’d like to recommend it to? It’s always based on the fact that they love a similar genre, so you can go through and recommend all the books to your hearts content. And you’ll get recommendations back. It’s fantastic.

3. Groups. Recently, Carrie Hope Fletcher, one of my absolute favorite Youtubers, discovered Goodreads and now she has a bazillion followers or something like that. She dubbed her fans The Hopefuls and she’s very passionate about connecting with her audience. Well, shortly after she joined they started a group on Goodreads and now there’s a book club and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME. I have the ability to communicate with others who have like minds. We all watch Carrie on Youtube and we all love books. And most in the group are passionate about encouraging others and instilling hope in this world. It’s quite lovely to be a part of their discussions.

2.The shelves. I’ve mentioned them above, but let me now wax eloquently. Or not so eloquently. The ability to sort through all of your books by category is one of the most gorgeous things. I know which books I own, which are on my kindle, or the ones I listened to on audible. I know which I started but never finished, which ones are classics or those I really liked. It makes me so happy. I’m forever adding new shelves to further sort them and organize them. It’s fantastic. I need to go through the books I own and add them to my “own” shelf. Because I haven’t actually read all of them. 

1. The goal maker/keeper. If you are super excited about reading for the year, like me, you can create a goal of how many books you want to read and then you can keep track. It’s the best!


One thought on “Top Nine Reasons I Love Goodreads

  1. Jenna Pirrie says:

    Oh Goodreads. The shelves, the covers, the nerds, the joy.

    I had never noticed the “recommend to:’ option on the pop up edit your review page… I’m going to be using this now!


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