Snow Days

I’ve lived all over the country, but I never had a snow day until I lived in Ohio. I was 12, I think, and in the 7th grade. It was a thrilling experience, to have my mom come in and whisper that there was no school that day. No school. It was cause for celebration. I got extra sleep! I got to do whatever I wanted for a whole extra day that week! Well, sort of. I had to shovel the snow, but I also got to play in it. One year we built an entire fort, complete with prisoner hole, around the tree in our backyard and had a legitimate battle. It was pretty awesome.

We had a wheelbarrow full of ammo...we were serious.

We had a wheelbarrow full of ammo…we were serious.


I spent some time in Spokane, Washington my freshman year of college. It was a weird year for me, but I’ll never forget coming back from Colorado, where my parents were stationed, to walls of snow. My friend Micah picked me up and I was in awe. The snow piled up on either side of the road was almost higher than my car. It was in the negatives, but school didn’t start until February. It was the second week of January. We didn’t have many snow days that year. A few classes may have been canceled, but for the most part we all suffered through the snow and made it to classes and learned stuff.

After that I lived in Chicago. I walked through a Snow-maggedon for a half hour before a cab driver offered to drive me for free. We regularly had cold weather. Chicago Public Schools rarely closed. They suffered through it all to give their kids an education.

Now I live in Virginia. The snow day is not sacred here. Any sign of bad weather and school is closed and I wonder at it. I understand that buses can’t run and that’s okay. I don’t want buses to tip or have accidents, however, just because a few roads are bad to travel on doesn’t mean that you should close the schools. My little sister desperately wanted to go to school by Wednesday. Every day this week, school was closed. It did actually snow on Wednesday, I think. On Thursday roads were too bad to travel on. Friday too. It seems a bit ridiculous to me. And it’s frustrating. Staying indoors for TEN DAYS is enough to drive anyone insane. There’s only so many board games you can play, you know?

I used to think snow days were practically holy. Now I kind of hate them. Anyone else despising snow days?


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